who and where we are

In the early 1970s the Shepherd Dog Club of Calgary, Regina Branch was created.  Then in 1976, the Club name was changed to the Wascana German Shepherd Dog Club and eventually expanded to the Wascana German Shepherd Dog and Obedience Club Inc.  Subsequently in 1998, a further change took place dropping the name ‘German Shepherd’ resulting in the name of the club we know today as The Wascana Dog Obedience Club Inc.

CLUB Address

513 E Ross Avenue
Regina, SK 
S4N 4W5


Mailing Address

Wascana Dog Obedience Club
275 Logan Crescent
Regina, SK S4S 5S8


President - Brenda T.
Past President - Daria C.
Vice President - Tamara S.
Secretary - Brent C.
Treasurer - Al H.
Membership Secretary - Tina Flannigan-Smoly


To reach the club by phone, call the president, Brenda:


Become a member

Membership fees are paid annually and subject to change. Currently they are as follows:

Single Membership - with one vote: $100.00 / year.

Family Membership - with one vote: $150.00 / year ;
with two votes: $200.00 / year.

Some of the qualifications we look for:

1. Must be a canine enthusiast.
2. Must be willing to make new friends, human and canine.
3. Must be willing to expand your knowledge and to share your knowledge with others.
4. You must be willing to volunteer some of your time to help out at Club events when needed.
5. Must be sponsored by at least one member of the WDOC.
6. Never been excused from another club or organization for misconduct towards animals. 

Wascana Dog Obedience Club
Member Meetings

Monthly member meetings are scheduled. Keep an eye on this site.  Date, Time and Location of future meetings will be posted here when scheduled.

Frequently asked questions

"What breed of dog(s) do I have to have and do they have to be purebred?"

You can own any breed, whether it is a purebred, unregistered or a mixed breed, of any size or age.

"Are there any benefits to joining your dog club?"
There are many benefits to be enjoyed by you and your dog.

1. The opportunity to meet other dog enthusiasts.
2. The opportunity to further your dog's obedience training with experienced instructors.
3. You will be in contact with people who are interested in many different dog sports and activities.
4. Subscription for the WDOC Newsletter .
5. After 6 months of membership, class fees are 50% off.
6. After 2 years of membership, class fees are waived.
7. Access to the training facility after qualifying time period. 
8. The opportunity to participate in seminars and clinics.
9. Unlimited access to FUN with your best friend.